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If you’ve read anything else about us here, you probably know that we’re a family business with a passion for transport and a personal connection to each other and our clients. We have the healthy ambition of wanting to get the best out of ourselves, day in, day out. We do that together because we firmly believe that it’s the best way to deliver the best service for our clients. So if you come to work for us, you need to really fit into our team.

What does Lucas Logistics have to offer?


As transport specialists we offer innovative solutions for logistics needs of every calibre. Since every freight has its own dynamic in terms of the nature of the transport, planning and type of client, we see every trip as a new challenge. As a result, we always take our clients’ freight to the right destination safely, on time, so that it arrives in the same condition as when it was loaded.


We give our clients peace of mind in our specialism: transport. That takes flexibility on the part of our people. Sharing ideas, being open to other people’s ideas, improvising, collaborating, applying common sense and choosing the best options are all a part of that.


Are you a truck driver and would you like to work for us? If so, you should know that our 50 vehicles are among the most modern in the Netherlands. And that we take responsibility year in, year out for you being up-to-date in areas such as traffic safety, legislation and regulations, economical driving, staying fit behind the wheel and ensuring the quality of the load.
Chauffeur van Lucas Logistics op de heftruck


We are a family business with a passion for transport. We’re proud of our company, enthusiastic, we work with and for each other and client-focused in all our actions. We’re down to earth, so we do what we say and say what we do. We’re approachable and solution oriented.

Job vacancies

Learn as you work BBL/intern

Wij zijn gek op praktijkmensen. Aanpakkers. Jonge mensen die iets willen leren door het gewoon te doen. Begin je aan een BBL opleiding Logistiek Medewerker, of BBL Chauffeur? Dan wil je bij ons in het team! Onze praktijkopleiders helpen je je doelen te bereiken. Wij zijn aangesloten bij SBB en onze vacatures zijn te vinden […]

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Driver shop distribution CE (part-time)

Hou je ervan om op de weg te zitten, maar wil je wél weten hoe laat je ’s avonds thuis bent? Dan is chauffeur winkeldistributie misschien wel iets voor jou! Lekker trucken, maar toch tijd en ruimte voor sport, een sociaal leven, en tijd voor hobby’s. Werkzaamheden Laden van rolcontainers en pallets op het distributiecentrum, […]

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International lorry driver (UK)

Ben je op zoek naar een uitdaging? Voor één van onze dedicated trucks voor Direct Fruit Services zijn wij op zoek naar een full-time chauffeur! De sociale contacten in deze baan liggen hoog. Iedereen kent jou, en jij kent iedereen. Je bent in nauw contact met de klant, met fruittelers, de pakstations én niet bang […]

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If you’re interested in a diverse job, whether on the road, in our warehouse or as support in the office, please get in touch with us.